Compass Montessori Early Learning Center,

Compass Montessori is a general education pre-primary school having a multiage environments for infants-toddlers and PreK – UKG. Compass accepts a small number of students who are ready for inclusion from SSC (graduating Step 2 or Early intervention). A smooth transition is ensured between SSC and Compass as SSC teachers accompany the children until they area ready for complete independence.



Saandeepani Academy for Excellence

Saandeepani Academy for Excellence, Sarjapur is our partner who shares the vision of inclusive education. Children graduating from our Step 3 program are transitioned to Sandeepani Academy For Excellence into an appropriate grade. SSC’s  teachers are placed at Sandeepani for continued academic and behavioral support if required.




RxDx is a multispeciality outpatient and acute health care center. SSC has launched a reach out clinic for the screening and interventions of children with disabilities at RxDx in 2015. Our team is available to take appointments at that location for clinical sessions.



SUNY Binghamton

State University of New York (SUNY) Binghamton

SUNY Binghamton is a world-class institution offering students a broad, interdisciplinary education with one of the most vibrant research programs in the United States. Ranked among the elite public universities in the USA, Binghamton challenges students academically through its rigorous, collaborative and boldly innovative programs, while giving an international perspective and experience. SUNY students, both undergraduate and graduate, work one-on-one with an exceptional faculty and groundbreaking scholars.

In 2016, SSC has developed a research collaboration with SUNY Binghamton’s Institute of Child Development (ICD). Guided by the faculty of SUNY Binghamton, SSC staff is able to engage in seminars at SUNY and conduct research projects directly relating to issues faced by the children.

Research opportunities at SSC prepare our staff to only learn to apply practices based on the existing body of knowledge, but train them to become scientist-practitioners contributing to the expansion of our knowledge base. Research projects at SSC lead to publications and presentations made at national and international conferences.

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