My daughter Leeann had a delayed speech and  ADHD problem. At the age of 3.5, I came to know of Stepping Stones Center, and got admission there. She could hardly speak 20 words and had  little behavioral issues then. Through the continuous training and the professional support she got from the trainers at Stepping Stones Center, she made tremendous improvement in her speech and behavioral aspects and after 3 years of training in Bangalore, we are now back in Kerala and she is now studying in a Normal school in Grade 1. Hats off to Stepping Stones Center, the management and staff for being the catalyst in her development and I wish it touches the lives of many more children and their families to bring them hope.”

  • Stany Joseph Pothen
  • Father of Leeann
  • Thanks and Regards
  • Stany

Dear All, My journey with stepping stone began when the centre was newly launched way back in July of 2013. My son who is in spectrum, started with step 2 as his receptive language was good at the time but expressive was still nascent. He had a lot of physical issues as well at that time. With proper guidance and training at the centre he started improving at a pace I would have wanted him to.

Soon we had him in step 3. The ABA therapy was not only helping him to obtain the required skills needed to function independently in a class room environment but they were working on the speech as well. His expressive speech also started improving.

What I like about the centre was that, they had professionals to guide them for speech and occupational therapy. Step3 was like a normal class where they had circle time which was a group time. They had introduced academics as well to prepare the child to get ready for the mainstream school. To top it they had group Yoga session where my boy excelled. I would have never known that he would like yoga so much. Plus they had group speech session and group ot session, arts and crafts, and general science. All these activities helped my child to lose the fear to be in a group. He was so aversive to having kids or people around him, It was amazing to see him participate in the group and follow instructions.

There were one on one  session for reading, maths and ABA. The targets which are set individually, made a lot  of sense as each child is unique with different strengths and weakness.

The stepping Stone follow ABLES which is very detailed and structured approach to make the child reach the level of neuro-typical.

Currently my son is attending mainstream school with full support of the centre who provide him pull outs sessions wherein the child is give one on one session, and push in wherein the special educator is helping him to behave and follow the teacher in the class room. I just attended the IEP meeting wherein I was informed that he is fairing well in the class.

I guess one day will come when my child would no longer need so much support. Its a BIG THANKS to Svetlana and her dedicated stuff.

“I believe there always hope. Never give up and keep trying. My journey has its own ups and down but we never gave up”. “Belief makes us meet the right people in our journey”

  • Regards
  • Rachna
  • Mother of Ranak

“Stepping stones center is a very special place. I am happy with their level of commitment to our children. Also, I m grateful to have found the care and support we needed. I always look forward to attend their annual day celebrations, which is so well prepared and amazing. I highly recommend stepping stones center for children with autism.”

  • Regards,
  • Nanda Payik
  • Parent of Aaryan

My son is with ‘Stepping Stones Centre’ for last 3 years. There is no doubt that it is the best place for a child with special needs. After he was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder I had been taking him to several places for therapies. Even after that I could not see much progress in his functional as well as academic skills. It was ‘Stepping Stones Centre’ where I found all that I was looking for. Within the very first year I could notice significant progress in him. The best part of this centre is their ABA (Applied Behaviour Analysis) approach that is essential for a special need child to build a strong foundation of skills. The program is individualized for every child according to the need. This helped my son in learning new skills. In each IEP meeting with Svetlana and the therapist I could observe my son’s progress, share my concerns and experiences. My each and every query & concern was taken care of with great care. I could communicate with my son more effectively and that helped me reduce stress on me.

I respect their openness and flexibility. Really, Hats off to them!

Thank you Svetlana; I have learnt so many useful things from you and Stepping Stones.

  • Regards,
  • KaberiChakraborty,
  • Mother of Aahir Chakraborty

We have miles to go ….but now are confident that we are on the right track…..thank u.

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