This is an ABA based school program for children ages 3-10 years. We provide an individualized, comprehensive and intensive educational program for each of our students under the guidance of Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA).

The Salient Features of the School Program are:

  • Teaching practices are based on the principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis–shaping behavior through reinforcement of successive approximations, prompting and fading procedures, and use of positive reinforcement. Naturalistic incidental teaching and discrete trials will both be used during the course of instruction. Peer social interaction, as well as group instruction will be systematically introduced with the goal of increasing children’s ability to participate in regular classroom setting.
  • Our program is progressively structured (Steps 1-4), whereby the children are grouped according to their levels of functioning and their skills are scaffolded to reach the next Step. As our ultimate objective is the child’s independence and inclusion in regular school setting, we strive to teach the skills and provide the supports required to achieve it.

Step 1 – “Learning to Learn” Intensive one on one ABA based intervention. 3 hours per day, either morning or afternoon session.

Step 2 – Introduction to group learning. Staffing is still one on one. Children spend majority of the time in intensive ABA based intervention, but moving towards learning together. Children participate in group activities including circle time, arts and crafts, computer training 3 hours per day, either morning or afternoon session.

Step 3 – Provides academics (reading, writing, and math), play and social skills and advanced language. It is set up as regular classroom to prepare for transition into inclusive classroom. The timings are 1pm to 4 pm. Occupational therapy, speech therapy and yoga push in services are part of the program for the children in Step 1, 2 and 3

Step 4 – Bridge to inclusion. Children who are ready for inclusion are placed in regular schools (Saandeepani Academy for Excellence and Compass Montessori) with ABA support.

Our curriculum is based on Assessment of Basic Language and Learning Skills (ABLLS-R). Daily living skills, language and social skills, play and leisure skills, as well as self help and academics are addressed through the Step-wise programming that builds from one to the next.

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