Parent are the first and forever teacher to their children; therefore it is important that parents learn specific strategies needed to handle their own kids. Initial parent training is provided, assessment of the children conducted after which IEP is developed for each student.

General skills targeted are:

  • Physical and vocal Imitation to enhance observational learning.
  • Improving basic communication: Requesting Preferred Activities/Items, responding to other’s instructions, labeling things in the environment, learning basic intraverbal skills.
  • Visual performance skills: sorting, matching, etc.
  • Group performance skills: making eye contact, taking turns, increasing sitting tolerance.
  • Daily Group sessions is felicitated by a senior teacher followed by parents working individually with their child in our facility with the teacher’s support on a rotating basis. This is a three month program with 1.5 hours every day. The maximum group size would 5 children.

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