Amritha Krishamoorthy - Honoured

Visionary Educator Amritha Krishnamoorthy Honored for her Empowerment

Amritha Krishnamoorthy, our inspirational leader in inclusive education and women’s empowerment, has been recognized with the prestigious Bangalore Women Branding Award (BWBA) for her trailblazing work and commitment to creating positive change.

Champion of Inclusive Education

Amritha Krishnamoorthy honored with the Bangalore Women Branding Award (BWBA) for her outstanding contribution

As founder of Stepping Stones Center, Amritha has been instrumental in promoting inclusive education and integrating supportive resources into mainstream schools. Her vision ensures students of all abilities can access quality education and thrive.

Key Achievements:

  • Pivotal role in assessments, placements and development of Individual Education Plans (IEPs)
  • Deployment and supervision of Inclusion Facilitators in classrooms
  • Parent training programs on inclusive education
  • Aligning with goals of general education system

This dedication reflects her deep commitment to fostering an educational environment where every student, regardless of challenges, has the opportunity to learn and succeed.

Trailblazer in Women’s Empowerment

Beyond education, Amritha has made remarkable strides in empowering women professionally. As a pioneering business leader herself, she actively promotes women entering the workplace, breaking barriers and rising to leadership roles.

Notable Initiatives:

  • Built a team of over 70 women at Stepping Stones Center
  • Provides mentoring to foster women’s professional development
  • Advocates for inclusion and advancement of women at work
  • Created a supportive work culture that empowers women

Amritha Krishnamoorthy – Inspiring Leader Honored for Impact

Amritha’s BWBA recognition celebrates her commitment, leadership and outstanding contributions to inclusive education and women’s empowerment. She serves as an inspiration to others through her achievements and continues to create positive change in both spheres.

This prestigious honor serves as a reminder that when women lift each other up, we all rise. Her trailblazing leadership in inclusive education and women’s empowerment demonstrates the heights that can be reached when we embrace our full potential.

To all the young women with big dreams out there – be bold, be ambitious, and support one another. Follow your passions, break barriers, shatter glass ceilings. Take inspiration from visionary leaders like Amritha who came before you. Know that you have the power to make a difference.

Dream big, work hard, and let no obstacle stand in your way. Amritha has shown us what women can accomplish when we empower each other. Imagine what we can do when we come together, boldly lead the way, and achieve true equality. The possibilities are endless.

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