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Workshop on Early Identification of Children with Special Needs

This workshop is specially designed for School/Preschool teachers to help them early identify children with developmental delays and special needs.

Learning Objectives/Outcomes:
a)     List and identify developmental milestones from 2 to 6 years of age in Speech, language, social, early learning and motor skills.
b)    Identify and understand age appropriate play skills.
c)     List and identify delayed vs. deviant milestones in the area of speech, language, social skills, early learning skills.
d)    List and understand early signs and symptoms in children with Autism Spectrum Disorders, and Other related disorders.
e)    Be able to administer and interpret Early screening tool.
f)      Be able to identify and describe appropriate early intervention strategies and teacher’s role in the intervention.

Duration : 2 hours(Including Q and A)
Mode : Offline(at school’s premise)/Online

We were fortunate to conduct this workshop for the teachers of the below mentioned schools :

The Green School Bangalore
Feather Touch

Applied Behavior Analysis Technician(ABAT)

ABAT stands for Applied Behaviour Analysis Technician and is an entry level credential offered by the Qualified Applied Behavior Analysis Credentialing Board (QABA®). ABATs are paraprofessionals who work directly with clients implementing behaviour analytic services under the supervision of a qualified QBA or QASP-S. The ABAT credential indicates to employers and consumers of behaviour analytic services that the paraprofessional has received quality training in specific evidence – based procedures. Stepping Stones Center has a team of Behaviour Analysts with experience in instructional design along with multiple years of experience in the clinical and teaching field. They have created the course work to meet the needs of students wanting to strengthen their theoretical and practical skills. This comprehensive training covers all content from the ABAT task-list and is approved by the QABA Board as well (one of the first ones in India!). The course is designed to keep learners engaged to advance learning; all modules are taught by experienced BCaBAs , BCBAs, BCBA-D

Shadow Teacher Training

A Shadow teacher is an educational paraprofessional, works directly with young students who have learning differences to improve their classroom experience. Providing a shadow teacher allows the child to attend a mainstream class while receiving the extra attention that he/she needs.

Duration: 3 hours

Program Highlights:

  • Curriculum developed by experts in the area of Inclusive Education
  • Hands on practice with children with special needs
  • Observation of Inclusion Classroom


  • Any graduation
  • +2/PUC pass

Venue: Saandeepani Academy, Sarjapur

ABA Training

Our 10 days ABA training consist of both theory and in-person. The theory training is completed via a 40 hours (self-paced) online module – which explains the foundational concepts of ABA.

The hands on training is conducted at our center under the guidance of our program supervisors and senior therapist. The on-site training begins with observing the sessions of an experienced therapist. Next, during pull-out training sessions led by a senior therapist, role-playing of the processes is done before going on to interactions with learners. The different teaching procedures and protocols are taught during this hands on training. Evaluations are carried out during this training session to determine whether a candidate is prepared for employment at the end of 10 days (consisting of feedback to the candidate to work on the correctives).


We offer a limited number of internships throughout the year for deserving candidates. Candidates should apply at least 2-3 weeks ahead of the internship period. A minimum commitment of 1 month is required to be a part of the internship program.To apply for an internship at SSC, please email us with your resume and a cover letter. The email should clearly state your interest in the special needs field and the intended internship period.

These are the responsibilities taken by an intern

  • Working with our senior behavior therapists
  • Working on data-taking and designing individualized education plans
  • Developing and writing customized curriculum as per the instructions of our senior therapists
  • Following instruction protocols to work with children
  • Documenting case histories in a specific format

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